Photo by Jonathan Encarnacion

Photo by Jonathan Encarnacion


A little more professional:
I am a design researcher, strategist, and manager who is passionate about understanding people's needs and mixing/matching the right questions and tools to deliver meaningful experiences. Throughout my career in design agencies and non-profit arts + media, I’ve learned to speak client, creative, and geek, and know how to keep teams energized around a cause. I believe that the best work stems from deep and thoughtful listening, and that the question to every answer is, "Why?" 

I recently graduated with an MBA in Design Strategy from California College of the Arts. 

A little more personal:
I am a prize-winning fort builder (go ahead, Google it). I believe in magic and know a good adventure when I see one. When I’m not on the clock, you can find me at your neighborhood ice cream shop, making stuff with my hands, or geeking out in an escape room


Be in it for the customer.
When in doubt, play.
Intuition is a design tool.
Let go. Notice more. Use everything. 
Diversity is good for business. 
Dare to be boring. 


Design Research
Experience Design
Business + Service Design
Organizational Strategy
Brand Strategy + Storytelling
Program/Account Management

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